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Payroll Pricing

Integrity Payroll's Proven Plan


Pay Per Cycle

$48 - $81

Added Charge per Employee



Pay Per Cycle

$60 - $110

Added Charge per Employee



Pay Per Cycle

$83 - $132

Added Charge per Employee


Setup Fees

One-Time Setup Fee


One-Time Setup Fee with Registration


Add On Plans

Integrity Payroll Enters Hours

$10/Pay Cycle

Integrity Payroll Prints Checks

$10/Pay Cycle

Additional Fees

Garnishment Setup


Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp

$5/Pay Cycle



1 Hour Minimum

New Employee

$10/New Employee



1 Hour Minimum

City Tax Filing


Workers Comp


1 Hour Minimum

Additional Fees Continued



Correction Fees.jpg

Benefits of Integrity Payroll
 ~ No Hidden Fees or Surprises

 ~ All-inclusive pricing: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual filings - includes W-2s and all payroll tax filing

 ~ HR Resource included

Please give us a call for more information regarding pricing for Payroll Services. We look forward to hearing from you and are eager to help any way we can!

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